Matt Duchene playing bass guitar on stage with Jake Owen.

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Matt Duchene, Ashley Grossaint, and their dog Paisley

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Anonymous: Where do you find all these pictures of Matt and Ashley? Do you follow them on instagram/twitter? 

I don’t follow any of their accounts bar Matt’s twitter as they have privacy settings; even though there are ways around them I don’t use them as I aim to respect their privacy as much as possible. The recent pictures to which I assume you are referring were posted by friends whom tagged Matt/Ashley in them who have no privacy settings so the pictures can be viewed by anyone.

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Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog with a group of friends at a Brantley Gilbert concert

Matt Duchene, his girlfriend Ashley, Gabriel Landeskog and his girlfriend Mel at a Brantley Gilbert festival

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Friend of mine sent me this snapchat, was incredibly jealous.

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