Matty had a good summer

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Anonymous: How can you surpass privacy settings on an Instagram? Asking for a friend. 

Sorry but I’m not comfortable sharing this information with you, people have privacy settings in place for a reason and they should be respected. I was trying to make a point, that was clearly totally lost on you, that taking pictures from private accounts that you have access to is disrespectful because they were posted with the intention of them not being shared and seen by everyone. 

I know that if your ‘friend’ is resourceful and can use the internet then they can easily find ways around privacy settings however please ensure that they think about how much of an invasion of privacy this is before they do so. 

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Anonymous: brendanngallagher knows matt duchene really well you should talk to her idk 

I’ve seen the posts of these asks in the Matt Duchene tag and honestly it seems like you’re harassing this poor girl. Please stop, it’s obvious that she doesn’t want this attention or to be involved in whatever it is you are doing.

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Matt Duchene playing bass guitar on stage with Jake Owen.

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Matt Duchene, Ashley Grossaint, and their dog Paisley

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Anonymous: Where do you find all these pictures of Matt and Ashley? Do you follow them on instagram/twitter? 

I don’t follow any of their accounts bar Matt’s twitter as they have privacy settings; even though there are ways around them I don’t use them as I aim to respect their privacy as much as possible. The recent pictures to which I assume you are referring were posted by friends whom tagged Matt/Ashley in them who have no privacy settings so the pictures can be viewed by anyone.

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Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog with a group of friends at a Brantley Gilbert concert

Matt Duchene, his girlfriend Ashley, Gabriel Landeskog and his girlfriend Mel at a Brantley Gilbert festival